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Honda Pressure Washers

Honda has always been a Market Leader. Producing Quality, Innovative and Environmentally Friendly products.  They are the Worlds Largest Engine | Motor Manufacturer with over 60 manufacturing facilities across the globe.

More people put their trust in Honda to power their products - especially Pressure Washers requiring stable power, long life and reliability.

Why You Should Choose a Honda Pressure Washer

We are frequently asked, what makes these pressure washers different from other machines made by other manufacturers? Our customers want to know the difference.  Additional common questions are from customers who have an old pressurised washer and need to replace it with a new one and are after suggestions or recommendations. These are fairly common scenarios. Why do I recommend this iconic brand over other pressurised washer manufacturers over and also for related items: "Simple, you can't beat a  pressure washer from this world-renowned manufacturer, The water pressure washer technology and availability of parts and filters is second to none, it has evolved through years of research and expertise.

Many of our customers are initially nervous if they are about to use a pressure washer for the first time. But after using it for a while they soon realize it was nothing like what they imagined and is a very fun experience. Some of our customers have used several types of pressure washer models.  Let's not forget the hot water pressure washer products that are great fun but also get the desired result you are looking for. They are made tough and need to be the right fit for our customers.

Another question we are frequently asked related to the advantages of using Honda pressure washers over other brands. A short and simple answer would be brilliant engineering that is second to none. Their pressure washers definitely have something that sets them apart from their competition.

More Benefits of a Honda Pressure Washer

Our pressure washer products are very good at cleaning a variety of surfaces and conditions. The great thing about these pressure washers is the wide variety of models, colours, designs, and functions available. These washers can be used on concrete, asphalt, wood, fibreglass, and many more surfaces. Below, we will introduce you to some of the most exciting and helpful new features that these pressure washers can offer you.

More Features of Honda-Designed Pressure Washers

More Features to Love! These pressure washers are made to do more than just clean. There are so many new and exciting benefits to these compact little cleaning machines that we are going to have to write an entire article just on them! We will give you more information below.

New and more useful hoses - Advanced Hose Design. If you want a good clean and you want it done fast, get a new, high-performance pressure washer hose. These high-performance hoses will allow you to get a really deep clean with minimal effort. Plus, the way they are designed will make it easier for you to control the flow of water through the machine. You will also find the new hoses designed to be flexible and durable. They are designed with leak protection, preventing the water to seep into the floor or surface you are working on.

Honda is an industry leader and known to produce high-quality industrial equipment for business or domestic needs.

Commercial cleaners and industrial equipment products produced by this great manufacturer are recognised for top quality, professional service with a wide range of items.   Our prices are affordable and purchasing an item via our website is a simple process with flexible payment and delivery options.

We are here to help our customers and are more than happy for you to call us as we have years of expertise and love to share our knowledge.  Should you need help purchasing online or have questions regarding our cleaners or want to fully explore our commercial range we are here to offer help and ensure we maintain a professional standard for your business and help you choose the right parts, filters,  cleaners or multiple products, so please call us.

High powered water cleaning products make life easy. 

If you need results and require high water pressure for cleaning along with parts, service for all your commercial needs including easy shipping or delivery, the decision to buy from us is pretty easy.  You will thank yourself when you purchase a high power cleaning pressure washer 

Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Melbourne  Perth and across Australia. We are trusted

Regardless of whether you are in Melbourne or Perth or elsewhere in Australia, postage and shipping are easy, so please look through our categories and spend time sorting through our site. When you buy from us you will notice we have years of expertise in this industry and this makes a difference. 

13hp BE Honda | HOT & COLD Water High Pressure Washer | Cleaner Elec Start Engine | Comet 4000psi Pump

Our price: $9,695.00

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13hp GX390 Honda Petrol Engine High Pressure Washer | COMET 4000psi | 15 L|Min Pump | Recoil Start

RRP: $3,295.00
Our price: $2,895.00

Qty: Add to trolley >  Buy now >

13hp Honda GX390 Engine With Belt Drive Comet FW2 5030 | 3000psi |19 L|Min Pump | Recoil Start | Truck or Trailer Mount

Our price: $3,725.00

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13hp Honda GX390 Engine With Premium Comet Pump RW5530 | 2600psi | 21 L|Min | 4 Wheel Roll Cage Frame

Our price: $4,250.00

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30hp Honda iGX800 | EFI V-Twin Petrol Engine High Pressure Washer | Comet 5000psi Pump | 25 LPM

Our price: $10,895.00(SPECIAL)

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6.5hp Honda GX200 High Pressure Washer | Recoil Start | COMET Plunger Pump 3000psi | 10 L|Min Pressure Adjustable

Our price: $1,475.00

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6.5hp Honda GX200 High Pressure Washer | Recoil Start | COMET Pump 2700psi | 11.3 L|Min | Pressure Adjustable

Our price: $1,775.00

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6.5hp Honda GX200 High Pressure Washer | Recoil Start | COMET Pump | With EXTERNAL Pressure Adjustable Bypass Unloader

RRP: $2,810.00
Our price: $1,995.00

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