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Hot Water Pressure Washers

Why purchase a Hot Water Pressure Washer??

They are proven to be cost-saving and eco-friendly for your business, allowing you to enjoy
CHEMICAL FREE Pressure Washing.

Hot Water Pressure Washers can use both HOT & COLD Water & offer THE most efficient results.

Is your Cold Water Pressure Washer just not doing the job properly??
Then it is time for you to invest in a Hot Water Pressure Washer!
Hot Water Pressure Washers are being used widely through the Trade Industry. They are perfect for:
  • Tradesmen
  • Painters
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Pressure washing contractors
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Dairies
  • Truck wash bays
  • Earth moving machinery cleaning
  • Food industry
  • Graffiti
  • Public Area cleaning

Further, Hot Water Pressure Washers utilise a highly efficient, diesel-fired steel burner. As a result, you are guaranteed to:

  • Get the best cleaning results
  • Slash cleaning time
  • Achieve amazing cleaning results

Hot Water Pressure Washers are available in Single phase and 3 Phase Petrol Units, in order to suit any job, big and small. Further, systems sold by Pressure Washers & Parts are designed and manufactured by Maer (Italy) & Comet (Italy). 

Maer Units feature a full shut down device for problem free longevity. Simply dial the desired temperature from cold to extremely hot!

Pressure Washers & Parts also sell Custom Built and Special Build Hot and/or Cold Water Units. Please contact us today regarding your requirements and we can help you!

If you would like further information on Hot Water Pressure Washers and whether they could improve your business or trade, please Contact Us today! You can call us on 1300 668 982, email at info@pressurewasherparts.com.au or click here to visit our Contact Page.

*Required Water Quality - Pumps & Other Components require Clean Drinking Water to achieve longevity. For areas with harder water where calcium builds up a Water Filter is a must. Bore Water/Artesian Water voids any Warranty. 

** ALL Hot Water Pressure Washers MUST be serviced at least one a year by a registered service agent.   

We know that using Hot Water Pressure Washers are an essential part of cleaning your home exterior, car, truck and so on. But, what are the other benefits of hot water pressure washers? What else can they do besides clean? In addition to the obvious cleaning, some other benefits include the reduction in drying time as well as eliminating odours and the elimination of flies and other insects with excess dirt. If you've ever used a pressure washer, you know that cleaning isn't the only thing it can do.

A high-pressure hot water clean can really extract the dirt and grease from your driveway and tiled areas as well as the hidden, tough to remove grime and mould. The hot water and high heat generated by a hot pressure washer creates a powerful spray forcing out the grime and dirt. This leaves your driveway, garden area or areas in your house looking cleaner than they have been in months or even years.

Along with this cleaning ability comes the secondary benefit of killing germs and bacteria in the household as well as in and around the home and surrounding garden areas or even on a construction site or industrial area. This means that your family or coworkers will be protected from the common illnesses that are caused by germs and bacteria in the home or garden that can spread through the air. Hot water pressure washers with high-temperature water can kill off viruses and bacteria in a matter of minutes! Think of it as a Biological Super Power. This is important to know since the threat of illness or disease in the home or workplace is growing and more people are finding themselves susceptible to such diseases. In addition to killing viruses and bacteria, the high temperature of hot water can dry up the thick grease and stains, making them easier to remove and saving time.

If you are after a serious performance from a pressure cleaner and want equipment that is reliable, view our range including the different features associated with each model and contact us.


10hp Yanmar DIESEL | HOT & COLD Water High Pressure Washer | Elec Start Engine | Comet 2900psi Pump | 16 L|Min

RRP: $16,415.00
Our price: $15,645.00

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13hp BE Honda | HOT & COLD Water High Pressure Washer | Cleaner Elec Start Engine | Comet 4000psi Pump

Our price: $9,695.00

Qty: Add to trolley >  Buy now >

15hp BE Power Ease | HOT & COLD Water High Pressure Washer | Cleaner Elec Start Engine | AR 4000psi Pump

RRP: $8,100.00
Our price: $7,950.00

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18hp Vanguard V-Twin HOT WASH Electric Start Engine with AR 4000psi Pump @ 18 L|Min

RRP: $15,200.00
Our price: $13,995.00

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A SMART ITALY | 120|11 HOT Water High Pressure Washer Cleaner | 1740psi | 11 L|Min | 2.2Kw

RRP: $6,115.00
Our price: $5,460.00

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A SMART ITALY | 170 |13 HOT Water High Pressure Washer Cleaner | 2465psi | 13.4 L|Min | 4.0Kw | 415 Volt

RRP: $6,110.00
Our price: $5,995.00

Qty: Add to trolley >  Buy now >

Comet Mobile Hot Box 5000psi 25 L|Min | Electric Motor | Diesel Fired Burner

RRP: $5,760.00
Our price: $5,400.00

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Maer AVANT Italy HOT Water High Pressure Washer Cleaner | 2900psi | 21 L|Min | 7.5Kw | 415 Volt

RRP: $10,125.00
Our price: $9,850.00

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