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Pressure Washer Hose Purchasing Guide

How To Select The Right Hose To Suit Your Needs


Things To Consider:


We stock 10 | 15 | 20 | 30 | 40| & 50 Metre lengths.

Other lengths available on request.

Smaller Pressure Washers – 2.5hps that come with 6-8 Metre Hoses can be replaced with longer if required.  Best not to go over 15-20 Metres as the units will lose some pressure & flow the longer you go.

As A Guide: 

5-8 hp        Machines Can Run Hose Lengths up to 30 Metres

9-15 hp      Machines Can Run Hose Lengths up to 50 Metres

16-24 hp    Machines Can Run Hose Lengths over 50 Metres 

For Hose Lengths over 20 Metres you are best to consider a Hose Reel

for ease of transportation & use. 


We stock 1/4 Inch |  5/16 Inch  and 3/8 Inch ID Hoses

In ¼ Inch are our Jetting Hoses. These are generally used with Pressure Washers up to 5000psi.    

Mid Sized 5/16 Inch Hoses.   

Single Steel Braided, used with Machines up to 4000psi – Operating Pressure 

Large (3/8”) Hoses are designed for professionals.  They are 2 wire Double Steel Braided & can withstand pressure up to 6000psi.  

On our Website you can find different composite Hose materials:

Rubber,  Synthetic Rubber & Polyurethene.

Each hose type has different properties.

1.  Car-Washing -  (Hydrowash Blue) - Does Not Leave Marks On Car Duco

2.  Extra Tough  (FRAS) – 5 Times More Abrasive Resistant than standard Rubber Hoses

3.  Low-Marking (H2 Grey BarJet Hose) Premium Low Marking Pressure Washing Hose  

     ideal for Hot & Cold Water.

To Check Your Connection 

  Use Vernier Callipers, Ruler or Tape Measure

  Measure across the diameter of the threaded male part of fitting 

    including thread

  13mm = 1/4" |  14mm = 14mm | 16.5mm = 3/8”  |  22mm = 22mm

  3/8" & 22mm are the most common followed by 1/4" then 14mm

  1/4" & 3/8" are based on Internal Tube Diameters. 

   (ie Gun Lance being 1/4")

Go to Our Website to check out all our hoses.


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